How Can Video Conferencing Solutions Positively Impact the Rural Education?

Video Conferencing has always been considered as an upmarket technology; beyond the reach of common people, especially in the rural sector. However, the circumstances have started to show some positive bends lately. Technology has stepped into the rural domain and has also started impacting the lives of the masses. The basic purpose of video conferencing solutions is an enhanced virtual connectivity. Beforehand, the far-flung villages suffered from the unavailability of necessary amenities which the virtual connectivity has brought to their doorstep.

The greatest impact of the audio-visual technology can be seen in the rural education sector. Rural communities have always suffered from the lack of qualitative education within accessible distance. Stories of people traveling miles in search of qualitative education and training aren’t rare. Girls in most Indian villages, fail to get educated in hi-end technologies since their parents are unwilling to let them travel to distant schools and colleges. Video Conferencing Solutions for Education have been able to curtail these drawbacks to a considerable extent.

Benefits of virtual collaboration for education in the rural sector

Experts at doorstep

The AV collaborative solutions have bridged the gap between education and the learners. This technology and the solutions based on it have transformed the authentic brick and mortar classrooms into global learning platforms. Through Live video collaboration, the rural students can learn directly from the experts in various genre’, ask questions and resolve problems without changing their locations; thus avoiding the traveling cost.

“Classroom without walls”

This is a concept that made around 125 students from 3 schools on the Kenai Peninsula spend a night at school to wake up at 4 a.m. for attending a video conference with the students in Nazareth, Israel (The This collaborative technology has not only pulled up the rural students to the standards where high-end education is not only limited to their privileged urban or suburban peers but also helped them realize the importance and urgency of cross-cultural collaboration. We can thank this technology for helping rural students become responsible global citizens.

Parents’ are in control

While the students are leveraging┬ávideo conferencing solutions┬áto acquire higher education, parents can relax to see their children not shift base for higher education. In the pre-virtual collaboration scenario, helplessly worried parents had no option but to allow their children relocate to big cities to satisfy their learning sprees. This also made some parents reluctant about letting their children pursue higher education. Thus, curbing their growth, which in its turn affecting the growth of rural education as a whole. With children collaborating virtually, the parents are also aware of their children’s academic progress. They can also be a part of virtual performance tracking of their wards and have discussions with the educators.

Teachers can grow as well

Apart from a better exposure and interaction with remote students, there are quite a few things that the teachers can really leverage from a hi-end video conferencing solution for education. Remote collaboration can help teachers, especially who are rurally located, enhance their skills. The teachers can, thus, not only impart education but also be a part of different forums or peer-groups to act upon fruitful knowledge exchange.

Helping children with special needs

Children with special needs, located rurally, find it exceptionally tough to access varied learning scopes. With easily accessible video conferencing solutions, they can now register for various workshops, learning forums, discussion session without relocating. They can overcome their feeling of isolation by joining peers around the world who have similar needs and be a part of the global learning junket.

Initiatives to promote digital learning

Educational institutes around the world are focusing on encompassing digital learning into their curriculum. In India, E-Kranti program under the Digital India campaign is designed to focus on digitizing rural education. Under this program, free Wi-Fi will be provided to 2.5 lakh schools in the next five years. Also, devices like tablets will be distributed among rural students and plans for initiating Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to help them overcome the demographic constraint and learn from global industry experts and eminent mentors. Players like Google and Facebook are also partnering with the Central Government to make the initiative successful.

Centrally Sponsored schemes, Rashtriya Uchchatar Siksha Aviyan (RUSA) and not-for-profit organization, National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) are set-ups to fund and upgrade the education, training, and skill development initiatives in the country, including the digital learning undertakings.

Digital Learning endeavors around the globe are gaining grounds. Developed countries like the USA, Australia, New Zealand and the countries of the European Union have already started leveraging the benefits of incorporating digital learning trend in their existing curriculum. Countries from Africa, Latin America and Asian Subcontinents to are following the current trend.

The Benefits of Virtual Meetings and Web Conferencing Services

Web conferencing services have become common and have replaced the phone call to most of the people, as some of the web conferencing application provide video calling at affordable costs than a regular phone call.

Virtual meeting, better known as web conference or digital conference, gives you a platform to communicate with other people with the help of internet connectivity and computer. Web conference services used to be complicated and ineffective around 4 – 5 years back, but the current technology has given a lot of options for people to web conferencing service effectively and freely.

Here are four imperative benefits of using online web conferencing programs services on a day-to-day basis

1. Cost effective compared to physical meeting

Web conference services are cost effective in every possible angle, as the services would be in need of a computer or a mobile along with internet connectivity. To a physical conference, you have to spare time, money to travel, cost to stay and so on. A digital connectivity has given huge benefits regarding using web conference option on a regular basis.

2. Easy connectivity from every place in the world

The online conferencing is not a baby technology anymore, where the connection was never stable. The web conferencing technology has improved to a great extent and provides flawless connectivity from any part of the world. You can use the online conferencing services for both official and personal purposes, as there are multiple numbers of applications that you can use to initiate a virtual meeting.

3. Best to use in different devices and gadgets

You can do online conferencing both on the computer and on mobile phones. Most of the smartphones give out an option for users to have a web meeting on a regular basis without paying any cost. As technology is advancing at a rapid speed, some of the applications are available free of cost both in mobile and in the computer, which can be used to make long distance calls without paying a dime.

4. Meeting without hassles and worries

You can meet your pals or family members in the virtual world from any part of the world. A virtual meeting lets you travel to different places while having the conversation and it is not necessary to reach a specific place to have the meeting. All you need is good internet connectivity and a decent device to provide web conferencing services.

Benefits of Video Calling for Businesses

Video calling for businesses has come a long way. It is no more an expensive system in a large conference room, which needs IT personnel at every step. In fact, today companies large and small are adapting video as part of their day to day operations.

Here are top benefits of video conferencing for HR professionals-

1. Job interviews – Group video calling, better known as video conferencing is one of the best technologies HR can use to attract, retain and develop millennial employees. As per Redshift’s research, a majority of HR professionals use video calls as a preferred method of communication, more than emails and phone calls. The survey tells that video interviews are as good as in person interviews, and beats phone calls when it comes to making good hiring decisions. Video interviews remove the constraints of geographical boundaries for talent acquisition. Niche companies often require candidates with unique skills sets, and video calls make it possible to hire the best talent for the position from anywhere in the world.

2. Employee trainings – On boarding employees comes with its own challenges. Most companies have to fly a trainer to remote areas to impart training to new employees or relocate their new employees. These traditional ways have serious drawbacks: they are very costly, ineffective and involve stressful travel. Video conferencing is cost-effective to provide hands-on training to employees located in different areas. It requires no travel and results in better engagement and learning of new employees.

3. Marketing the products – Providing live demos and interactive and engaging but has its own drawbacks like reaching a smaller audience, leading to limited sales. On the contrary, marketing your products through video calling has many advantages. Your market is huge as you can reach a larger audience across the world via video calls. Live video demonstrations like video conference demos give you an advantage over traditional methods: the reach of a pre-recorded video and grip of a live demo.

4. Enhanced collaboration- Video conferencing not only has enormous benefits for businesses but also employees. Often hiring the best talent can be challenging due to commuting to far off places. The traditional workplace is on its way out as worldwide collaboration and remote teams become more common. Many big brands like Amazon have witnessed major benefits of allowing workers to telecommute with the support of a good video conferencing system.

The advantages of free video calling, conferencing and video chatting are enormous. There are many video conferencing and chatting apps available in the market that bridges the gap between employers and employees, leading to a productive workplace. Video conferencing has become a day to day necessity for not only organizations but people across the world.

Video calling is a great way for organizations to stay connected with your globally dispersed teams. Whether you are hosting a formal meeting or providing training to employees located in different areas, video calling is a boon to businesses.

Video Conferencing – The Way of the Future

A video conference is a modern invention, which helps to communicate with different people. As compared to the traditional way of communication, it offers numerous additional features.

Video conferencing has a bigger role to play in the future communication modes. Cost effective service and accuracy regarding clarity and the quality of the call play an imperative role in this regard. It is usual for people to use video conference in both residential and commercial sectors because it gives you an option to connect with different people across the world in an effective way. It acts as advancement to several traditional devices across the world, like telephone telegraph and so on.

It offers numerous advantages in terms of quality and connectivity options, which is the reason behind its growing use among the thick and thin of the world population. Here are prominent of them:

Easy Connectivity

Video conference uses Internet connectivity to operate and gives out multiple connection options. It allows you to connect with a lot of people across the world, without any upper cap to the number of users. The same quantity of the data or the bandwidth this effective to connect people locally and internationally as well. People use many devices like computers, mobile phones, and smart watches to remain in touch with different people across the country and the world.

Cost-effective services

Plenty of applications and software are available for free of cost online, which you can use to get connect with others, both officially and personally. All you need is Internet connectivity with a supported mobile or a computer. Besides, you could also opt for paid version of various facilities, which are comparably better than their free versions.

Advanced Features

You can find a lot of features regarding communication in modern day web conferencing compared to a traditional way of communication like telephone, telegraph or even Postal service. Web conference provides an option to have a look at other person’s face while talking at the same time. This can be a beneficial feature regarding communication as you get to have a better look at the person why you are talking.

Multiple mobile and online facilities

Indeed, video conferencing has evolved to a great extent, enabling people to use multiple applications available in their electronic gadgets. The quality of communication, however, depends on the application you are using. At present, businesses and individuals prefer confiding on online facilities like Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. Some other specific apps for business meetings and conferencing include Zoom, GoToMeeting, Join.Me, CiscoWebEx, ReadyTalk, and so on.

Top Benefits of Video Conferencing for Your Business

Running a company successfully is not easy these days! You need to be in two places at once! Theoretically that may be possible; but staying two places at once is absurd in practical world! or is it possible! Well, through the video conference, you can stay at two places at the very same time! Now this is the way of reaching your clients or you can simply use this mode to reach your employees when it is necessary. There is a huge advantage of this video conferencing services. Let’s just discuss the positive sides of this thing.

Branch meetings can be done altogether!
Suppose your company has two branches in two different towns. On a day, you may need all of your employees together to listen to you on a very serious thing! Now you can use the power of video conferencing services! In this way, all of your employees will be in front of your eyes and you will be able to discuss your points with them. If you fix the date and time a day ago, then you can have a full conference with your employees. This is how you can run your business while staying at a place and reaching other places at the very same time!

Will rescue from sudden problems
Suppose you are in Europe and your client is in US and you need to talk on few points. You just missed your flight and there is no available flight for the day! You can either call off the meeting or you can continue it on a video conference! It is almost alike meeting them face to face! So you can discuss your points and your work will not stop due to the sudden hurdle coming your way!

It’s similar to talk in person!
When we talk to someone in person, we can deduct their intention by their facial expression, their gestures and all. Thus this is the way of understanding people since the inception of mankind! When you are fixing a deal or discussing something crucial, people always want the other person to stay in front of them. That is why no important decisions can be made on telephone! To take important decisions and to make important steps, you need to be face to face with another person. A video conference can help you a lot in this way. Through a video conferencing service you people can watch each others gestures and can thus make decisions easily!

Will save money as well!
A video conferencing service also maintains the pace of the work. Suppose you need to visit your clients across the world, you need to spend a lot of money on buying international tickets! You can actually save a lot of bucks by turning most of your meetings online! This is the best way of saving a lot of money. You can meet your clients whenever it is necessary. But the video conference will save you from spending too much on unnecessary visits to your clients end. This will also speed up your assignment. So this feature not only saves your money but at the same time speeds up your work.